Tuesday, October 25, 2011

San Francisco

Still looking hip as ever with my mullet.

This weekend B and I went to San Francisco. We had two tagalongs, Artur and Frank, B's coworkers that were in town for the week. We all headed up to San Fran on Sunday to do some sight seeing. Being the tour leader/planner that I am I had an extensive list of things to do and places to eat. We only made it to three of them. First we went to Coit Tower which sits on top of Telegraph Hill and is a pretty cool lookout area in the North Bay area.

View from Coit Tower.

Being a grown-up on top of Telegraph Hill.

Then we took all eight-hundred stairs down to the bay and walked up to Pier 39. Which of course was full of 8 million tourists and I thought I was going to have a panic attack from how slow and unaware of their space people are. But I made it though to get some clam chowder in a bread bowl. News Flash....I still really like clam chowder. I like the idea of it, but I don't like it. I don't like clams. It's like eating soup with lougies in it. Anyways, after our chowder and beer we took a ride on one of the historic trolleys.

Look how excited I am about the trolley.
Those two guys taking pictures are our weekend tagalongs.

I could probably walk faster than it but the boys indulged me and rode the trolley for 30 minutes to Haight-Ashbury where we got some coffee and took a break from the sun. Then we took a stroll in Golden Gate Park, where we stumbled upon a drum circle complete with a dijarido and clarinet.

I looked for Carrie but she wasn't there.

After being offered "edibles" after every five hundred feet we took the hottest cable car ride of my life back to downtown San Fran and walked (mainly uphill of course) back to the car. No one congratulated me on my restraint of not going into any of the stores. I thought I deserved a trophy for not going into any of the vintage stores or the entire downtown of "every store I ever want to go to in one place" shopping area. I should probably reward myself with a new sweater right?
I bet you are wondering what I have been doing since my last post. Well, being a 40 hour working woman in the suburbs, not a whole lot. I have been slowly refinishing my dress that I have had since I was literally 9. I also went to the Computer Science History Museum. It was riveting... Actually it was ok, they didn't really ever explain how a computer works or just computer basics so I was really confused most of the time. But we did get a sweet demonstration by a volunteer named Herb on a Babbage Difference Engine.

My new BFF, Herb

It took him twice as long to give the demonstration because as he kept having "senior moments" (his words) and forgetting to tell us things. He is demonstrating this crazy machines designed to do math so ships stop sailing into rocks, but it was never actually built when it was designed because it took too long to build. Then some crazies decided to replicate it and now it is in Mountain View on loan from a guy who paid to have it replicated so he could have it in his house. Except, he has to reinforce his floor before putting it in his house because it weighes 5 tons. Yeah literally 5 tons. I'm putting one on my x-mas wish list.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dinner with the best

People I wish I could have dinner with:

Of Course, the Obama's.

Will Arnett and Amy Poehler
In my mind we would be having dinner as long time friends so it wouldn't be awkward, just really really funny.

Alice Waters.
If you don't know who she is, you can read about her here

Who would you want to have dinner with?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fake Fall

While the rest of the country is heading into fall, California has decided to stay in summer. Yesterday it was 90 and today it was 85. So hot. Regardless, my wardrobe wants to transition into fall and I can't wait to wear cozy sweaters and leggings. Here are some of my topic pics for new fall pieces.

I really like these crochet tops from Old Navy. I'm sure my Mom would make fun of me and say I am living in the 70's.

I really like these four sweaters (from JCrew Factory, Old Navy, and Urban Outfitters). I like that looser fitting sweaters are coming back in style.

I really adore these two skirts and dress from JCrew and JCrew factory outlet.

Maybe I will hit it large with the CA lottery, until then these babies will remain in the blog and never reach my closet. Good thing I have a ton of old sweaters to tie me over ;)

Monday, October 10, 2011

News Flash

Did you know that when it rains in California, instead of (or maybe in addition to) worms snails come out? It's a true story. This evening B and I were taking a walk and I kept stepping on these tropical pinecones that are everywhere. Oh wait, they were snails. It was like a snail crossing or something.

See, they are suicidal.

They are hard to see in this light, but there are three in both the center and right picture. I literally stepped on four of them before I realized what they were. I still get the willies thinking about it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Flea Markets

So this weekend I staffed the CAFF booth at a Health Fair. The fair was taking place at the San Jose Open Air Flea Market. I have never really been to a real flea market so this was a new experience for me. It was amazing. Oh the things you could buy from cars and sofas to bras and nail polish. I just want to share some of the highlights I saw while walking through.

Maybe you need some tools (or have recently had some stolen?)
How about a baptism dress?
Maybe a new pair of "geans"
Stock up on some socks
And get some fresh coconut to hydrate while you shop

So many amazing things are sold at the flea market. Rugs, electronics, clothes, purses, sunglasses. Anything you want can be found at the flea market. Truly an amazing place with an even more amazing clientele. Two things got me through the 14 hours I spent there. First there was this woman that sang and played this instrument along to some "top hits".
I don't know what kind of instrument that is but I like that it is pink and plastic.
The second thing that got me through was the sugar and caffeine rush from eating these cinnamon rolls B and I got at the farmers market.
Sugar, butter and caffeine can get me through anything.

Since I had to work all weekend this is about all I did. Coming up this week I am leading my first farm field trip! I have two with a total of 92 kids, all in 3rd grade. I hope it runs well and I am sure there will be some memorable phrases.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Monday

When I started this blog I had two main ideas. First to document my time in Silicon Valley and take lots of pictures for those I left in Oregon and Colorado. The second idea was to document days in my life and eventually have guest bloggers that blogged about their day by including what they wore, how they felt, who they saw, what they ate, etc. But I haven't been doing this, I just have been mindlessly blogging about randome parts of my day. Part of this I blame on not having a smart phone to take snapshots throughout my day. It's awkward carrying a camera around and taking pictures of everything. The other part is I keep forgetting. So, I apologize. I will start trying to actually blog about an entire day.
So, its 10am here. I already forgot to take pictures of my breakfast (toast, nectarine, and yogurt) and the run I went on (which was horribly hard). So lets start at what I am wearing today. As I have mentioned before it is really hard to dress for working on a farm. I want to look nice, but you get looks when you don't wear jeans, flannel, or t-shirts. Since I am mainly in the office today and not teaching any lessons here is what I am wearing.
I felt this was a nice balance between farm life and looking nice, so I feel nice. And pictured here are my new Tom shoes, which are becoming my new farm shoes. I am still trying to figure out how to make this blog not boring because I doubt anyone really cares what I am wearing today (well I can think of one person).

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Farm Digs

As promised, here are some pictures of my new lovely workspace!
This is my workspace
This is what my office is located in. We are the door on the left. (We have a really good sign)

This is a farm stand that is to the left of my trailer. They sell all sorts of produce and fresh eggs.
Eggs that come from these silly chickens
The farm is a lot bigger than what I have in the photos. They have an orchard, a learning garden for the middle school that is next to us and a cobb oven to back pizzas in. Oh and most importantly here is the new farm dog.
She is going to be a really great farm dog and has already started looking for squirrels and ground hogs. I brought her to work to introduce her to the farm. When it was time to leave she refused to leave the trailer. When she finally came out of the trailer she realized I wanted her to get in the car so she turned around and went back in the trailer. I had to leash her to get her to leave. She really loves the farm. Probably for the mass amount of wood chips and squirrels. She won't be able to come on any of the school field trips though because all the kids will want to do will be to pet her.
All the kids want to do is pet animals. Their main questions about the farm are "what animals are there on the farm? Can we pet the animals? Will the dog be on the farm? Do you know the farm dog?" The funny thing is there aren't any animals on the farm and only one of the farms has a dog. One kid showed me his hand, which had a scratch on it, and told me he got the scratch from a wolf. Kids say the darndest things.